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Where Are All the Hurricanes?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

I am baking in Northern California, where the temperature is to hit 114 degrees today, as part of a four-day stretch with highs above 110 and a 10-day stretch with highs project to be above 105. So, I have zero reason to doubt the effects of climate change. But a question has been slowly forming in my head: Where are all the hurricanes?

Almost all the predictions this spring were for another worse-than-normal season, following a stretch of six years that saw five of the 11 most destructive hurricane seasons on record in the U.S. Yet not a single named tropical storm formed in August, the first time that has happened since satellites started monitoring the Atlantic in 1967.

In fact, no named tropical storm had formed since July 3. Two have formed thus far in September, one that has become a hurricane (Danielle) and one that is expected to do so shortly (Earl), but both are expected to head north and dissipate without making landfall. So, we are now past what is expected to be the peak of the hurricane season, and it's looking wonderfully quiet.

What is going on?

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