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Despite support among Americans across the political spectrum, current legislation calling for an amendment to get big money out of politics suffers from the same lopsided, party-line support we see with nearly every proposal in Congress—in this case, almost entirely Democratic support.

Separating government and the free market is a bedrock conservative issue, and a majority of conservative voters support the 28th Amendment—facts that highlight how our current hyperpartisan political system prevents elected officials from publicly supporting measures they believe in, and how the pay-to-play political system is weighted toward a wealthy few, rather than the majority of Americans. 

As I shared this week in an opinion article published by The Fulcrum, there are three primary reasons why Republicans (and all members of Congress) would be wise to join the movement for the 28th Amendment. These reasons touch on issues that have long been priorities for the GOP—free-market capitalism and economic innovation—and the fact that the fundraising arms race appears to be tilting in favor of Democrats. 

Big money’s threat extends across the political spectrum and endangers the roots of our democracy. That makes the cross-partisan, citizen-led work of American Promise especially vital to the movement for the 28th Amendment. We must seize the power in our citizen numbers and strengthen our calls for change to work with and elect policymakers who will act on the wishes of the majority and approve the 28th Amendment.

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John Wass, Board Chair, American Promise and American Promise Education Fund
Why Republicans Should Support the 28th Amendment 

The movement to pass the 28th Amendment and end the domination of big money in our political system is gaining significant traction in Washington, D.C., where bills have been introduced to support the amendment. However, so far only one co-sponsor is a Republican: Representative John Katko from New York’s 24th District. In The Fulcrum, American Promise Board Chair John Wass writes about the destructive partisan politics that can block individuals from acting on their private convictions. 
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Join us at NCLC to connect and network around winning the next amendment to the U.S. Constitution to put power in the hands of all Americans instead of the wealthy few. The time for bold action and systemic change is now. Register for NCLC
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| What We’re Tracking This Week

From the Hill: New rules proposed by the Treasury Department and IRS would reduce donor disclosure requirements for certain tax-exempt groups. The groups—including organizations such as the National Rifle Association and American Civil Liberties Union, as well as labor unions and business leagues—would no longer be required to provide the names and addresses of major donors on annual tax forms. These so-called “dark money” groups would have to continue reporting the amounts collected from substantial donors. Read more.

From CNN: In announcing his departure from the 2020 presidential race as an independent candidate, billionaire Howard Schultz said he instead will spend more than $100 million on democracy reform efforts. The former Starbucks CEO says he will focus on “supporting bold and creative initiatives to transform our broken system and address the disparity of opportunity that plagues our nation.” Read more.

From The Fulcrum: American Promise and 122 other democracy reform organizations are asking members of the U.S. House of Representatives to cosponsor a resolution calling for an amendment to get big money out of politics. If successful, the amendment would effectively undo the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, which uncapped campaign finance limits. Currently, 139 House members have backed the amendment proposal. But the resolution has remained in committee since it was introduced in January. Read more

From the Center for Responsive Politics: After two years of lobbying Congress, lighting manufacturers cheered a recent Department of Energy decision that will block new efficiency standards for commonly used light bulbs. The stricter standards, finalized during Barack Obama’s last days as president, were set to go into effect in January 2020. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association spent $5 million on lobbying since the start of 2017 to fight the new standards. Read more.

Become a member and invest in the cause of our time: together we will ensure that We the People—not big money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests—govern America. 
| Upcoming American Promise Events

September 12, Cleveland, OH: Leaders of several democracy reform organizations will gather for a discussion on ending political corruption and returning our government to the people. Hear from Jeff Clements, president and founder of American Promise; John Pudner, executive director of Take Back Our Republic; Steve Lipscomb, founder of Fix It America; and Marty Sweeney, former Cleveland City Council president. 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m., Four Points by Sheraton Cleveland Airport. Learn more.

September 16, Concord, NH: Celebrate New Hampshire becoming the 20th state to call for the 28th Amendment at a State House rally! American Promise will join allies at Open Democracy Action, Voters Restore Democracy, and Fix it America for this bipartisan event. Refreshments will follow at the Open Democracy Action offices across the street. Noon, New Hampshire State House. RSVP now.

September 18, San Francisco, CA: Join American Promise Citizen Empowerment Coordinator Kimberly Clinch for the launch of the Bay Area American Promise Association! The launch event will include an overview of the 28th Amendment and advocacy tools for citizen leaders to support the movement to get big money out of politics. 6 p.m.-8 p.m., Manny’s. Register now.

American Promise empowers Americans to act together to win the 28th Amendment so people, not money, govern in America. To maximize our impact together, contributions are not tax deductible. 
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