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The movement for the 28th Amendment draws support from citizen leaders across the country and across the political spectrum. Our ongoing citizen engagement work is dedicated to building connections with reform advocates as diverse as the communities across our amazing nation—Americans of all political persuasions, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

This week we highlight a few recent ways citizen leaders of all kinds advocate for the 28th Amendment:

  • Former New Hampshire Senator Jim Rubens writes in The Hill that his fellow Republicans should leave partisan labels behind, come together and align their actions with the will of their constituents—and the fundamental principles of free-market capitalism and representative democracy.
  • Nikki Naquin hopes to energize other young people to reclaim their voice in politics, a passion that aligns with her internship work in the American Promise Citizens Empowerment Department.
  • Jim Bowyer, an American Promise citizen leader from North Oaks, Minnesota, makes his voice heard by writing letters to the editor and encouraging others in the North Star State to join the mission to refocus democracy on the people rather than wealthy corporations or special interests.

Now it’s time for you to join these inspiring citizen leaders in advancing the 28th Amendment: Register now for the National Citizen Leadership Conference, where we’ll share ideas, strategies and techniques to drive change and ensure political representation for American citizens rather than high-dollar donors. 

Thanks to citizen advocates across the country—like you—we’re building momentum and connections that continue to propel the 28th Amendment. Let’s keep the momentum going!

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Wambui Gatheru
Outreach Manager, American Promise
Jim Rubens Op-Ed: Republicans Should Support the 28th Amendment 

In an opinion piece published by The Hill, former New Hampshire State Senator Jim Rubens urges his fellow Republicans in Congress to support the recently introduced 28th Amendment. Rubens highlights the high level of support—66%—for the 28th Amendment among Republican voters. He also notes that big money in politics continues to erode public trust in America’s economic and political systems. 
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Empowering Young People to Reclaim Their Voice in Politics 

As a summer intern for American Promise, Nikki Naquin offers a helping hand in every corner of the movement to end the influence of big money in politics. While Nikki devotes most of her time to the Citizens Empowerment Department, she supports the success of the organization on all fronts
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The 2019 National Citizen Leadership Conference will offer training on strategies to effectively make an impact on local, state and national policy. Hear from citizen Empowerment Coach Sam Daley-Harris; 28th Amendment lead sponsor Congressman Jim McGovern; and democracy reform leaders Ben Cohen of Stamp Stampede and Olivia Zink of Open Democracy. On the final day of NCLC, attendees will go to Capitol Hill for Citizen Lobby Day to meet with their elected officials in support of the 28th Amendment.

NCLC is proud to partner with BridgeUSA—a national collegiate civic engagement organization working to engage, educate and inspire the next generation of leaders. Donate now to help more young people bring their voices to this event—all donations will be matched 2:1 through midnight August 22. 

NCLC is set for October 19-21 in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Register now and be sure to reserve your room at Hilton Crystal City at the NCLC group rate.
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Then and Now: Big Money’s Power Keeps Growing 

Pushed to the edge by government inaction and the obstructive effects of big money, citizens across 20 states have succeeded in encouraging their legislatures to formally call for the 28th Amendment. Minnesota could be the next state added to the list. Jim Bowyer, an American Promise volunteer from North Oaks, Minnesota, is making his voice heard by writing letters to the editor that encourage others to join the movement for the 28th Amendment. 
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Words have power, and harnessing that power through citizen-written letters to the editor is an important part of the citizen-led movement for the 28th Amendment. Several American Promise Associations have organized local letter-writing campaigns, using the power of words and numbers! Find letter-writing tips and more in the Media Outreach section on American Promise’s Resources page.
Find Letter-Writing Tips on the Resources Page
| What We’re Tracking This Week

From Crosscut: A Seattle City Council member will introduce a proposal to reduce the influence of big-money donors in municipal elections. The proposal from Lorena González would limit the amount that donors could give to political action committees and place stricter regulations on how foreign money, including donations from U.S. companies with foreign owners, shapes city politics. It also would require PACs to disclose how their money is spent. González plans to introduce the legislation by early 2020. Read more.

From USA Today: Tom Steyer, a billionaire activist, became the latest Democratic presidential hopeful to qualify for the next round of debates. To make the cutoff for the Sept. 12-13 debates, candidates must poll at 2% or higher in four approved nationwide or early-state surveys and receive donations from more than 130,000 individuals, coming from at least 20 states with 400 donors each. Steyer entered the race in June with a pledge to combat corporate money in politics and fight climate change. Read more

From MapLight: An investigation of tax returns for trade organizations and nonprofits shows that they spent $535 million on lobbying in 2017 and as much as $675 million on unregulated efforts to influence public policy. According to the MapLight review, the $1.2 billion in combined spending demonstrates the increasing power of tax-exempt trade groups known as 501(c)(6) organizations, whose influence has grown substantially since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision allowed them to spend directly on politics. Read more.

From Time: U.S. Sen. Tom Udall outlines why he and others recently introduced the 28th Amendment in the Senate to reduce the influence of big money in politics. “Too many Americans have every reason to believe that their government no longer answers to them,” Udall says. “And because the Supreme Court has now reinforced the misguided idea that spending money to elect politicians is the same thing as free speech, our broken campaign finance system lets billionaires and corporations have outsize influence in our elections. If we want to make progress on the very real problems Americans face, we have to create a democracy that is fair and open to all.” Read more

Become a member and invest in the cause of our time: together we will ensure that We the People—not big money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests—govern America. 
American Promise empowers Americans to act together to win the 28th Amendment so people, not money, govern in America. To maximize our impact together, contributions are not tax deductible. 
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