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Mastering Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm...

Most people are feeling like they are walking on eggshells, waiting for the next moment of uncomfortable news or stress to emerge. If you are feeling fatigued by all the global change and local upheaval, you are not alone.

I've covered more about some of the tools you can use right now, at the bottom of this newsletter (as it's long), so read on!

Below you will see some other new tools, I have been guided to bring through to support you as this year unfolds. If you feel inspired, I would love for you to join me in these adventures...

Sending you all blessings of hope and joy,


Feel Like You Need a Holiday From Everything?

Can't go anywhere? Did you know for your brain, meditation is just like being there? Want to de-stress and enjoy a break? In this really special meditation journey, you'll receive a weekly meditation, designed to de-stress you and help you to amplify bliss. You will reduce stress, charge up, let go of anxiety, worry and feel more energized. Each week we'll travel to a different destination around the world! You'll feel like you've had a holiday, without leaving the couch! Enroll now for a journey starting 14th February 2021!!!
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Receive Support Now ...

It can be hard to stay centred in love and peace, with everything you have to hold right now, both personally and in the global arena. When you need support, please book in for the healing, guidance and wisdom you need and to help you.

I am offering all sessions booked now, at 30% off with some sessions remaining up to 50% off. As I was booked up so many months ahead, I have just released some more times to ensure the wait is shorter for everyone. Centre into the Divine You... 

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Reduce Your Stress, Manage Fatigue, Own Your Bliss, Right Now!

2021 will be less stressful than 2020. We're over the shock factor of a global 'pandemic'. We've all got our heads around Covid and how we need to manage ourselves, even though we don't like it at times. This year, we'll have to collectively come up with new strategies to change our lives. To support this, I am bringing in many new tools to help, both now and in the months to come. So stay tuned. In the meantime, here are lots of things you can do right now to support your inner peace and well being.

Meditation is a key tool to release stress and navigate even the most difficult moments in life. Even doctors recommend it for the reduction of stress and enhancement of well being. Right now, you can download many of my guided meditations in my free online library. I recommend: 1)- Relax, Remember, Renew and Revive and 2)- Relaxation and Healing and 3)- Psychic Protection and Energy to give you that serene space you might need at the moment. Plus join me for the meditation holidays program, if you feel called.

One of the best ways to reduce stress about any given situation, is to realize the greater reason for its occurrence. Nothing happens by chance. All that unfolds is part of a bigger system of magnetism, as the Universe seeks to balance itself and continue its evolution. We are part of that Universe. As with all things of the moment, human beings are learning, to make life the primary objective.

By experiencing such a dark moment of introspection, with so much of this journey right now, being about the preservation of life, we are learning to value life above all else. Many are already taking it to the next step of what I believe is being seeded, which is looking at the grander vista of our planets life and seeking to make it flourish once more. Whilst we are truly in a very dark moment for humanity right now, we are being refocused to create what I believe, will be a beautiful future, filled with respect and reverence for life, in all its forms.

Over the years I have heard from so many clients, from all walks of life, who have been disgruntled by the way the world works. Many have felt it does not inspire life and have felt lost, alone and uninspired. This radical change in the way we live is going to help so many, find that thing they feel is missing from their experience. I can't wait to see a more life-filled humanity, that is driven by inspiration instead of a marketing inspired consumer greed.

We are in the storm. Soon we will move to its eye. From this perspective and calm, we will see what needs to shift and we're nearly there. Then we'll have some carnage while we come out the other side. Things will need to be reordered. It will be a little chaotic, change always is, but life will change, for the better. Some days during this changeover won't be easy, but I can't wait to see the world my son grows up in and I have a real sense of hope for our future generations.

You are part of a massive moment in society and you're living through this intense moment, to bring about beautiful change. Remember where we are heading and why. It will make today easier.

Psychic Protection is also important right now. The chaos is uncomfortable. We are feeling the stress psychologically and physically, but also psychically. Right now you can download my Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths class for free in my online library. Please enjoy this and release the tensions you are holding with its many meditations and exercises.

When we remember we are children of this planet, part of its ecosystem, we can also remember that we can be fueled by it. Take time with your animals, your plants, crystals and our in Mother Nature's beautiful environments. Fill up on the love inside Nature. While you're there, appreciate Nature. The love you send out will return to you threefold.

Gratitude is always one of our greatest healing tools and it brings us so much more to be grateful for. When you change your magnetism by focusing on this, you will attract more to be grateful for. So if you are short on money, feeling scared for your future, feeling unsafe about what is to come, take time to build a deep practice of gratitude on what you can feel grateful for. Start with the first breath you take every day. The life you are grateful for, endures.

A great way to focus on this is to take time before sleep, in a gratitude journey. Try and find 100 things every day you can feel grateful for. When you set your mind to this task every night, it puts the question into your reticular activation system and causes you to look for data all day. This helps your brain work with you, rather than in fear.

Also remember that this moment is a chance to correct. As a society we have lived in a very greedy way. We have had too much. It's time to correct our use of resources, to be savvy and think about how our life effects the next seven generations. Make 2021, your year to become efficient. Release what you no longer need. Give away what you can. Put your energy as well as your money, into what is really important. Spend wisely and not in excess.

Make sure your heart is in what you do. Covid effects those who are inflamed. If something is effecting you and causing you to feel inflamed in your life, pay particular attention to that. Can you have a more harmonious relationship with it, or does it need to leave your life?

By seeing this year as a chance to create a beautiful new world for both ourselves and for each other, we will create a loving and beautiful planet to coexist with. The walk through this moment is a difficult one and it won't be done for a little while, so learning how to manage your stress if of the utmost importance.

May you all find the peace and bliss you deserve. :)

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