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How to Thrive in 2021...

If you're feeling the pinch, the pressure and the stress of the great unknown void we are all travelling through, please read on. Navigating the tumultuous seas of consciousness we're all sailing along, is easy, if you know how to frame things and position yourself, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically...

If you're feeling unsure... 

Do you remember being a young child? You didn't know anything. You didn't think about what you didn't know, you simply existed, exploring with curiosity. Nothing was more exciting than the next thing you had to discover. Remember this mindset and remember not knowing, can actually be exciting, if you watch it all with the curiosity of a child. This feels like a big moment, but it is just a little moment in the much larger picture of the world and of your life. Give it proper context. Watch it unfold with curiosity.

If you're feeling stressed about not being able to make plans...

The purpose of existence was actually supposed to be about living presence. That's what human 'being' really means. Whilst it can be frustrating to not be sure what tomorrow might bring or change, it also calls us to be deeply present with today. We only have this moment with certainty and actually, this makes us enjoy this moment completely. We are often so lost in our plans for the future, that we miss the great experience of the moment. See the fact that you cannot make many plans as a way to cultivate joy in each delicious moment of your life.

If you're feeling worried about money...

Manifesting comes from the energy you hold. When you feel like you have the midas touch, you do. So many human beings are caught up in the story of life 'happening' to them. They feel like they have no control over how their energy interacts with the world and what consequences this causes. This time is a wonderful opportunity to take responsibility for what you can co-create and to see exactly what you are capable of. If you'd like to experiment with this, start off with a gratitude practice. Notice what makes you feel good. When you have big energy responses like good feelings, this is what you will manifest more of, so dwell in the good feelings a little longer than usual. It will make more good things flow to you.

If you're feeling unsafe...

Feeling unsafe is humanities biggest trigger. It is the collective issue we're all here to work through. I believe this is one of the gifts of covid19, to press this button big time and help humanity realise more about how to feel safe, despite the evidence to the contrary. Whilst this lesson is difficult, I have always found 'faith' a profound teacher in walking in right relations with feeling unsafe. If you believe in a religion, philosophy or a guiding consciousness of greater understanding,  by whatever name is meaningful to you, or simply, that life finds a way, remember this wisdom guides your life. It is illogical for life to not want to persevere itself. It moves in the direction of self preservation all the time. Because of this we can be assured, that life will find a way. You will find a way through all of this. Your inner knowing assures this.

If you're feeling alone...

This is a biggie right now. Many people have communicated to me, they are feeling very alone. Again, I believe this has a grander reason for being in our experience right now. We are learning how to truly be, together. We are being shown the separateness of our lives and also, beyond the superficial, who is really valuable in our lives, to have deeper and more meaningful relations. This is an opportunity for you to connect with those who are special to you and to let go of false connections. It's a time to ask what a meaningful relationship is for you and whether you're living that truth. All of the distractions aside, you're getting up close and personal with your life and everyone in it, or not in it. Only when we have these realisations, can we change our lives to hold more meaning and depth. Take time to know, who you really want around you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed...

Again this is a common theme right now. Most human beings I speak with, from all over the world, have told me they feel like there is too much to do, too much pressure, they feel split between all the obligations of their lives. Mostly they experience an empty feeling of exhaustion, which carries along to a feeling of 'something is missing', over time. This feeling is because we have too much in our lives. We are now being asked to simplify, to ascertain for us personally, what we really need in our lives and to let go of everything else. Let go of that which does not serve your life force flowing and you will feel so much better for it.

If you're feeling at breaking point...

Again, many of my clients are experiencing the whole range of experiences and it all feels like too much. If this is you, remember you are in a process of sorting. You have to pull everything out of the cupboard, before you know what you need and what you don't and then figure out what you want back in there. If you feel a little messy right now and things feel really all over the place, remember you are in a process. This place is not a destination, it is just a little stop along the way of creating your best life. You'll be closer to that experience shortly. So many people, get stressed about being in a mess, but chaos is an important part of growth. Just like the big bang, chaos can bring immense life in so many new forms. Trust the process. You're being guided back to life, as are we all.

If you feel you need support....

Along the way, don't forget to receive support if you need it. This is a time for us to come together as a global village and support one another as we evolve into a new and better way of living on our planet.

Our awakening is going through a few intense and tough moments, but where we are all heading, is going to bring the experience of life on this planet, to a whole new level of joy, wellbeing, love, life and respect.

I am so looking forward to meeting you all there :)

Sending you blessings,


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